The Most Unusually Designed Café’s in the World (Part 2)

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Beauty and the Beast are definitely one of the best stories and a world in which everyone wants to get lost. This cafe works on the theme of Beauty and the Beast, the dishware too, resembles Mrs Potts and Chip. Clock tarts and 'Try the grey stuff" are the best delicacies available here. 5. Fukurou Sabou owl Café

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"Harry Potter Cafe" is a cafe themed around the world-favorite movie "Harry Potter". The space of the shop is beautifully designed, and the menu closely follows the story, making you feel like you're truly lost in the wizarding world of Harry Potter.. 18 best themed cafes and restaurants in TOKYO. 2024.02.14. Tango no Sekku: Boys.

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Some newer coffee shops, though, are fascinating for reasons other than history. At Cafe Yeonnam-Dong 223-14 in South Korea, design is king: The entire interior was built to appear as a 2-D.

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Café Giang, Hanoi. As the second-biggest coffee producer on the planet after Brazil, and the world's leading exporter of robusta beans, Vietnam should have more good cafés. Hanoi's Café.

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Náměstí Republiky 5. Prague is a city of cafés. That makes it pretty hard to choose just one, although perhaps the most beautiful and best known is Municipal House, an Art Nouveau building whose beauty has much to do with the contribution to its design of artists such as Alfons Mucha and Jan Preisler.

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A post shared by Beachwood Cafe (@beachwoodcafe) A lively mix of canary yellow and turquoise welcomes you to the Beachwood Cafe. While the geometric design sprawls the floor, the walls are adorned with multi-coloured wallpaper. The rest of the café, too, liberally uses the shades of yellow and blue.

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9. 3 Arts Club Café in Chicago. Elegant 3 Arts Club Café in Chicago. By Alina from World of Lina. The 3 Arts Club Café in Chicago is probably one of the most beautiful and stylish cafés you've ever seen. It's not super freaky and colorful like the Unicorn Café in Bangkok or bright pink like Peggy Porschen in London.

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Opened in 2021 in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, Anh Coffee Roastery is one of Red5studio 's latest architectural marvels. Set far back from the street, the architecture firm used its abundance.

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4. Draughts is a board game-themed café located in a graffiti tunnel in London. The café offers more than a thousand unique board games visitors can play. 5. The Note Coffee in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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Have a unique dining experience with some of the best theme cafes and restaurants around the World: 1. The Lock-Up, Japan. Experience fine dining as a prisoner at the Lock-Up cafe in Tokyo. As weird as it sounds, there is actually a restaurant with a jail theme in Japan. The welcoming gesture of this restaurant is a little unique.

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Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Cafe Du Monde, the original French Market coffee stand since 1862, is a must-visit in New Orleans and sits at #1 on our list of the best coffee shops in the world for the delicious dark roast coffee, beignets, and chicory. People visit from around the world for the yummy beignets, which are square.

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43. Coffee Science - New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Founded by coffee veteran Tom Oliver, Coffee Science is the city's only zero-emissions roaster. That's not the only reason to visit though. The coffee here is world-class, with a wide range of espresso, ice coffees and 'aquaneuticals' to choose from too.

The Most Unusually Designed Café’s in the World (Part 2)

Tokyo's 21 Best Themed Cafés 1. Vampire Café . Halloween is coming up next month, but the Vampire Café in Ginza maintains the spook factor all year long. As the name tells you, this café has a rather macabre theme: vampires.

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The Hogwarts Cafe embraces countless aspects of J.K. Rowling's magical world, serving bubbling "potion" beverages, Hogsmeade specialties like homemade butterbeer, plus original creations such as.

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Anime and Manga Cafes: Immerse yourself in the world of your favorite anime or manga series at cafes dedicated to iconic characters and storylines. These cafes often feature themed decor, menu items inspired by beloved characters, and exclusive merchandise. Gaming Cafes: Video gaming culture cafes are a paradise for gamers. Aside from hosting.

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The Note Coffee in Hanoi, Vietnam, is covered in colorful messages. Recently, the travel site Big 7 published a ranking of the "most Instagrammable" cafes around the world. The top 10 contenders.