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3 min read. ·. Dec 30, 2023. Brazilian lobster tail, a culinary gem with roots tracing back to the vibrant culture of Brazil, has become a sensation in international gastronomy. This delectable seafood item has gained recognition for its unique flavor profile, distinct characteristics, and versatility in various recipes.

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Brazilian lobster tails come from the warm waters off of Brazil and have a unique, sweet taste. These ones are known for being very tender. New Zealand lobster tails live in cold waters to produce an exotic tasting, a sweet lobster that has a scarlet shell. New Zealand markets almost all of their lobster to China and Japan.

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The fishery includes 3 known lobster species; 90% x Panulirus argus, 9% Panulirus laevicauda and 1% Panulirus echinatus. Brazilian lobsters are well regarded for being tender and sweet and often valued highest of all Caribbean Lobster origins when sold as raw tails in the US market. 100% of all Brazilian Lobsters exported by Wild Oceans are.

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Season lobster tails generously with salt and pepper. Heat 2 tablespoons butter and oil in a pan or skillet over medium-high heat. Swirl in 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and sear lobster, flesh side down on the pan, for 2 minutes until edges are crisp and golden. Flip all tails, cover pan and let cook for a further 1-2 minutes, or until shells.

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The lobster is cooked when the meat goes from slightly pink and see-through to white-ish and opaque. If you'd like to use a thermometer, the thickest part should read at 135°F to 140°F. Serving suggestions: Serve as an appetizer to steal the show, alongside lighter vegetarian fare like Italian or Greek-style roast vegetables.Or go all out with steak for a classic surf and turf situation.

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Geographic Origin and Habitat. Brazilian Lobsters live in warm, tropical waters off Brazil's coast, while Maine Lobsters prefer cooler North Atlantic waters near the northeastern United States. These different homes affect how they taste. Brazilian Lobsters enjoy warmth, while Maine Lobsters thrive in cold waters.

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Lobster Tails - Brazilian. Our Price: $189.00. Quantity: (10) 6oz Lobster Tails. Qty: Description. Nutritional Information. Preparation Instructions. Quick, flash-frozen Brazilian Lobster Tails. Warm water Lobster Tails are a versatile, less expensive option to Cold Water Maine Tails.

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Spiny Lobster for sale online! Whether you're looking for a tail for the "Surf and Turf," or a whole bugger split in half to Bake or BBQ, no lobster in the world can touch spiny. Warm water, spiny lobster tails are known for their super sweet succulent white chunks of meat. Sweet and succulent taste with flavor different from anything else you've tasted.

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Lobster tail is better if you want more fibrous and chewier meat, while lobster claws are better if you prefer softer meat.. Brazilian Lobster vs. Maine Lobster. Brazilian lobsters are highly rated as one of the tastiest warm water species in the world. The exquisite pink shade post-boiling makes them a great attraction at events. Maine.

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Instructions. Position a rack in the middle of the oven (4-6 inches from heat element). Preheat broiler and line a baking tray / sheet with foil. Thaw out lobster tails, if frozen, in a pot of cold water for 30 minutes or more, until fully thawed. Rinse and pat dry with paper towels.

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Split cold-water lobster tails, full lobster claws, jumbo shrimp, snow crab legs, green-lipped mussels. Preparation Our chefs develop light and elegant recipes that highlight the natural flavors of the seafood with a hint of Brazilian seasoning and spices.

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Boil - Cook the tails in a large pot with boiling water until the shell is red and meat is tender. It's simple, but can dilute flavor. Air Fry - Brush the tails with butter and air fry at 400 degrees F until cooked through. This method is quick and healthy, but may not achieve the rich flavor of broiling.